Who is Amogh Lila Das?- Wiki/Bio, Wife, Age, Education, Career, Family & Net Worth 2023.

Amogh Lila Prabhu is a Spiritual motivational Speaker and Social worker and currently the vice President of Dwarka ISKCON, Amogh Leela Prabhu’s real name was Ashish Arora, he was a software engineer and was born in a Punjabi family in Lucknow. Amogh Leela Prabhu’s age in 2023 is 43 years.

ISKCON is an organization that propogated sanatana Dharma the world over, it is founded by Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ji. coming to Amogh prabhu ji, he is famous for his wonderful speeches on social media platforms. he has a charming personality that captures the eyeballs.

On this Articles I will information to you Amogh Lila Prabhu das ji’s wiki, bio, Education, Family, Career, Salary, Age, Networth and More..so u Read the Full Article.

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Amogh Lila Das Biography

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Who is Amogh Lila Prabhu Das ji.?:-

Swami Amogh Lila Prabhu Ji’s Real Name was Ashish Arora. Ashish Arora is basically a Punjabi cast and he was punjabi by birth. he is survived by his parents and two sisters. Shree Maan Amogh Lila Das Prabhu ji is a vice president of Dwarka ISKCON temple. Shree Prabhu das ji is not only a monk at ISKCON but he is showing the path to young generation by his wonderful speeches. he has a charming personality that captures the eyeballs.

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Amogh Lila Das Biography:-

Amogh Lila das is a Monk of ISKCON. Amogh Lila Das”s Real Name is Ashish Arora. Amogh Lila Das is a well-known Spiritual speaker. His motivational and Spiritual videos are quite famous on various social media platform. Amogh worked as a Software Engineer After becoming a monk, Ashish changed his name to Amogh Lila Das. Amogh Lila Das able to read the verses of the Bhagvad Gita. Recently, Amogh experienced some repercussions after ISKCON imposed a ban on him for 1 Month.

Amogh Lila Das is around 42 years old. According to the info. Amogh was born in 1980 or 81 in Lucknow. Many of his devotees also know him as HG Amogh Lila Prabhu. many know him for his Hare Krishna Movement. he started studying the verses of Gita from a young age. Amogh often shares his thoughts and views on hare krishna TV and My Ashraya channels on the Youtube platform.

Amogh Lila Das Biography Overview:-

NameAmogh Lila Das
Real NameAshish Arora
Age42 years
Date of Birth1980 or 81
Born Lucknow
Resides inNew Delhi
Banned forMaking inappropriate remarks
about Swami vivekananda and
Ramakrishna Paramahansa
Ban Duration1 month
ProfessionSaint. Motivational Speaker, social worker
GuruGopal krishna goswami maharaj

Amogh Lila Das Education/Qualification:-

Amogh Lila prabhu’s Father was a RAW officer. Those posted on govt. posts used to be transferred from state to state in India. Which also had an impact on the education of Amoght Leela Prabhu. due to his father’s transfer, He studied in different states in India. Amogh Leela was very good in studies, apart from that he also used to play cricket, badminton, vollyball, football etc. Schooling started in Lucknow but due to transfer of father many school changed. He had his early education in the North East states like Sikkim, Gangtok, Darjeeling etc. After that his higher education is at Delhi University. The studies of software engineering were completed. from 2004 to 2010. his study completed after that he worked as a software engineer, after that he decided to leave the job and went to Dwarka to become a celibate.

Schooling 12th2000
DegreeSoftware Engineer

Amogh Leela Prabhu Family:-

There is a total of 3 members in Amogh Leela Prabhu’s family, out of which he himself is the only child of his parents. Amogh Lila Das has two sisters. His father Mr. Arora was a RAW officer. but now he is retired from his job. His mother was a housewife. presently this husband and wife live in Delhi. Amogh Lila Das wanted to become a monk at the age of 18 years. however, he thought about completing his family responsibilities and didn’t join ISKCON at that time.

Later, at the age of 29, Amogh joined ISKCON and became a monk after his sisters got married.

Amogh Lila Das Career:-

After Completing his software Engineering, Amogh joined a US-based Multi-National company. Amogh worked at this MNC for around 8 to 10 years. Later, both of his sister got married, and Amogh became a monk. After becoming a monk, Amogh delved deeper into spirituality.

Then, he started Delivering spiritual and motivational speeches, and many people found these speeches quite fascinating and understanding. with his speeches Amogh shows the correct path to the younger people.

Amogh Lila Prabhu Gita Course:-

To date, no one has made the Bhagwat Gita course in the whole world. Amogh Leela Prabhu is the first person who has put the Bhagwat Geeta course in front of all of us. which can change our life. The first time Shree Bhagavad Gita was sung by Shri Krishna was around 5000 years ago. in which 700 stanza. 574 verses were sung by Lord Krishna, 84 verses were sung by Arjuna, 41 verses were sung by Sanjay and 1 verse was sung by Dhritarashtra.

In this way, 700 verses have been described in Shri Bhagwat Gita. this Shri mad bhagwat Gita oof Amogh Lila Prabhu has described these 700 verses very deeply. at time as well as how one verse is connected to another verse or one chapter is connected to another chapter. The depth of each word is also explaines very beautifully in this Shri mad Bhagwat Gita course. Bhagavad Gita means, a song sung by God.

If today’s man is in any kind of problem or under a lot of stress, he often likes to listen to songs from Hollywood, Bollywood, or his culture.

The course you will get on youtube free of cost on a youtube channel named MY ASHRAYA.

Amogh Lila Prabhu Net Worth:-

Amogh Leela prabhu belongs middle class family. Being the only child of the parents, he is also the all property of the house.

As a software engineer, he worked in the corporate sector. There he used to get a good package. He also had some earnings from there. He also has a youtube channel from where he earns well. But it cuts off donations for its entire earning, its temple, and helping people.

He is also the Vice Presedent of ISKCON Temple Dwarka, Delhi. so his networth his income and total net worth are not mentioned anywhere.

Amogh Lila Das Banned From ISKCON:-

On july 11, 2023 ISKCON decided to ban Amogh Lila Das for a month. This decision was made due to his controversial remarks about Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramahansa. some people even consider these comments as ‘Outrageous’ and ‘inappropriate & unacceptable’.

The International society fro krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), an organization dedicated to propagating Sanatan Dharma worldwide, banned a monk, Amogh Lila Das, over controversial remarks about philosopher Swami Vivekananda and his guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa during one of his recent “Pravachans”.

The ISKCON issued a press release on Tuesday stating that Amogh Lila Prabhu had admitted to his mistake by making “Unacceptable” remarks about swami vivekananda and his guru. he would, therefore, cut himself off from social life for a month to stone for his Remaks, the press release added.

What is the full name of Amogh Lila Prabhu?

Amogh lila prabhu full name is Shri Ashish Arora.

Who is Amogh Lila Prabhu Wife?

he is unmarried.

what is the qualification of Lila Prabhu?

B.tech in software engineer.

who is Amogh Lila Das?

Spiritual activist, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker.

which college did Amogh Lila Prabhu study in?

Delhi college of enginnering.

Where did Amogh Lila Prabhu Work?

ISKCON Dwarka delhi.

What did Amogh Lila Das say about Vivekananda?

a virtuous person can never harm a living being.

Is Amogh Lila Prabhu Punjabi?

born in punjabi family.

who is the chairman of ISKCON?

Madhu pandit Dasa is a spiritual leader and the president of ISKCON.

What is the Age of Amogh Lila Prabhu?

42 years.

What is the Real Name of Amogh Lila Das?

Ashish Arora.

Is Amogh Lila Prabhu from ISKCON?

he became a dedicated hare krishna Brahmachari by joining ISKCON.

What is the Religion of Amogh Prabhu Das?


Who is the Spiritual master of Amogh Lila Prabhu?

Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

What is the position of Amogh Lila Prabhu in ISKCON?

Vice President of Dwarka ISKCON.

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